Vaccination Guide for
Immunosuppressed Patients with IBD

About this tool:

This tool is an overview of vaccinations being used in the care of patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). It is designed for IBD nurses and health care providers to assist in educating patients and selecting appropriate vaccination options.

Please answer the following questions to determine whether your patient is immunocompromised.

My patient is prescribed prednisone/prednisolone now or in the last 4 weeks: (Steroids: Patients on ≥ 2 mg/kg/day (patients < 10 kg) or ≥ 20 mg/day (patients ≥ 10kg) for at least 2 weeks)
  Yes       No

My patient is prescribed either azathioprine or methotrexate now or within the next 4 weeks:
  Yes       No

My patient is prescribed biologic therapy (anti-TNF, anti IL12/23, Ant-integrin) or small molecules (JAK inhibitor):
Yes  No

*If your patient is on monotherapy with only 5-ASA (i.e. Pentasa, Mezavant, Asacol, Octasa) OR sulfasalazine OR Cortiment MMX OR Entocort, they are not immunocompromised and can receive vaccines as per the routine schedule.

If your patient has been prescribed other immunomodulating (immunosuppressive) therapies, contact the prescriber if unsure about their safety for vaccine administration